Tuesday, February 06, 2007

minnesota: a winter rant

yeah, so, will someone please tell me why i'm still living in this eff-ing state?!

oh yeah. cause i'm broke.

but other than that, why do i stay?

FIRST, this past weekend was so cold that i almost froze my face off. now i'm not talking oh-my-it-was-a-bit-nippy-out-there, i'm talking, i literally almost froze my face off. i had my first class saturday at hamline & parked three blocks away, it was the closest spot. & normally the three blocks is not something i'd complain about because, well, it's not that far & i'm doing better with my exercise. however. it was some ridiculous amount below zero, after not even half a block i couldn't feel my legs. i knew they were still moving because i was getting closer to the building. i did have mittens on, & my ear muffs, & that's how i wound up with a bright red face & a pale band across my forehead. wind burn.

& yesterday when i left the house it was sixteen below. not kidding. & SO not funny! it did finally warm up a bit last night, but then, because of the "slight" warm up, it increased the chances of black ice forming on the roads. nice. & then this morning we got snow. not much. but due to the afore mentioned shift in temperatures & the black ice & other meteorological events, it was hell on the highway.

once again, i am not just saying "oh-my-traffic-was-bad." it literally took me an hour & fifty minutes to get to the gym. yup. it took me that long to go a whole 23 miles. that averages out to a mind blowing speed of 4.8 miles an hour. talk about wanting to jab an icepick in your eye socket. there were moments on the drive where i got to go a mind blowing 45 miles an hour, but most of the drive was done as a very slow crawl. as in, if it weren't a million degrees below zero outside so all the old people with walkers were indoors, i would've been clocked by one.

can i get a jesus bobby?

that's it, the fat lady sang, i'm out of this state. however, i know i have some loose ends to tie up, so by the time i celebrate my next birthday as a palindrome (same backwards as forward, so 33) i will be gone. i'll come back for the nice months, spring, summer (MAYBE), fall-ish. but winter, my butt will be a memory. most likely chillin' in cali. which means, i have to become a super motivated mofo, get my master's done, get my debt under control & do what i need to do to move on.

btw, i have to give a huge KUDOS to my trainer riley, even though i was 45 minutes late showing up to the Y, he stayed past our appointment time to show me the exercises that he did with jenn before i got there. have i said yet that riley rocks?

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