Tuesday, February 20, 2007

six weeks in

so, half through the competition, which is, in a way, inconsequential at this point. if i win, yippee, i'd love the money, if i don't, well....i'm hoping that at the end i'll be able to say that i did absolutely everything that i possibly could. that i really honestly gave the competition my whole heart effort.

right now i'm sixteen weeks out from my birthday, so about four months-ish. & not like it's all about numbers or anything, but i did have a particular one in mind that i would LIKE to see before my birthday, & i'd have to lose about 2.6 lbs a week to get there. BUT, not gonna let it get me down. i'll keep trying. & if i can't get to the number goal, at least i'll look uber sexy in my FM boots, fishnets, & mini skirt. rar.

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