Thursday, February 22, 2007

start the prayer chain now, pretty please?

so i am now, pretty near, officially certifiable crazy.

next week miss jenn will be out of town on thursday for a family shin-ding back on the east coast, which means she'll be missing our thursday training session with riley. & instead of just training on my own, i decided, "i have a bit of extra cash, why not treat myself & do a training session on thursday?"

now, the great thing about the GROUP personal training, besides the lower cost for an hour session, is that riley has to divide his time & attention between me & jenn. a week from today, from 9am-10am he will have his attention focused just on me. oh holy hell. even as i sit here, my legs smarting from the squats from this morning, i'm wondering what i got myself into.

& next week we're switching leg & arm days. so i'll be spending AN HOUR doing upper body with riley. with no jenn. no one else. oy. double oy.

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