Wednesday, February 21, 2007

thank god for halls & their mentholyptic goodness

OY. & a double OY!

i am sick. & i have being sick. i get all whiny & turn into a five year old. wanting nothing more than my mommy, some chicken noodle soup, a pb&j sandwich, my teddy bear, & my warm fuzzy blanket.

& so i sit, at work. sans mommy, soup,sandwich, bear, & blankie. it blows. hardcore. but i have 7up. & i have halls. not at all the same. in any world. but it's something. a few minutes ago i wasn't even able to breath. but thanks to halls & their advanced vapor action, i am now able to breath much easier. even though i feel like crap. warmed over. still.

i know that no one LOVES being sick, unless they're a hypochondriac, because then, they think they're sick even if they're really ok. which is a completely different story. all together.

but this really sucks. about half the call center is sick. the other half is just getting over being sick, or just now getting sick. i swear, this whole place is like one big petri dish growing lots of different scary bugs. & i'm neurotic about hand washing & everything else. & some how a germ made its way into my immune system & created a nice little nest in which to settle for a while. damn him!

the worst part of it is, that i'm not really sick enough to stay home. but i'm sick enough that i don't want to be at work & i don't feel like i'm at the top of my game at work either. blech.

i'll check in tomorrow with less whining & more sunshine.

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