Monday, February 05, 2007

yippee week four!

wow! just eight tenths of a pound away from having lost a total of sixty pounds from my highest weight, now that's pretty cool. yeah, back in 2004 i was at just 7 lbs away from having lost the whopping one hundred! but this is pretty cool too. i'm closer to the 250's, which i haven't seen in probably a year or more. but i'm also just feeling better.

it's still a struggle, & sometimes i want all those things for me that, for a moment, taste good, but then make me feel all sluggish & yucky. but then i pause, & when i really think about it, i don't want that crap. i really do want some water instead of a long island. it does a body good, you know, the water, not the long island. yeah, treats are ok now & again, but when you have them all the time, they really aren't treats anymore, are they?

i'm finally able to walk again today, which means tomorrow is riley day. ouch. & the fabulous miss jenn's birthday. now SHE'S a maniac, not only hitting the gym, but also doing personal training on her birthday. way to go jenn.

doesn't my catepiller look really happy?


Suburban Witch said...

Yes, your caterpillar, or 'callerpillar' as Alli calls it looks fabulously happy. *G*

Diary of an irish woman said...

go beckah ! Awesome job :-)