Monday, March 05, 2007

another loss in week 8

eek! another 1.2 pounds down this week, nice little loss. less than what i want to be averaging prior to my 30th birthday blow out in cali, but not a gain, still a loss, & i know that i have to have these little ups & downs. but i'm still amazed at how well i've been doing lately.

& the odd thing is, in a way, it's hard for me to even imagine carrying around that extra 66lbs that i used to lug on a daily basis. this morning before work i carried downstairs a 40lb set of adjustable dumbbells that i bought at target last week. & i had to have both hands on the handle & move slowly because i was afraid that i was going to drop them & break my toes. but i used to walk around carrying that much weight on my body & not even notice it. amazing, isn't it? & very very sad, at the exact same time.

by now i'm not even super obsessed about winning the competition at work. i still want to win because i would use the money to buy a new ipod. but i'm more concerned about losing weight, permanently, building muscle, losing fat, & in general just becoming stronger. i'm also trying to look at my body as a machine. & in order for any machine to run well, you need good fuel, good maintenance, if you don't have that then of course it won't run well.

& finally, here's my happy little caterpillar & star:

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