Wednesday, March 21, 2007

momma needs a new pair of boots! & other tales

i have taken a blog vacation. not necessicarily willingly, as per my last blog, i've been sick. & not just the sniffles & a little tummy ache, but the full blown i'm-so-sick-i'm-bargaining-with-god-to-heal-me-or-put-me-out-of-my-freakin-misery-sick. i don't get sick like that often, thankfully, but this one was a doozie. i'm actually still pretty weak. it was not a pretty sight at weight lifting yesterday morning. i was very uncoordinated & barely able to pick up anything, at times not even my own feet! & the cardio has been rough too. i'm ready to die & throw in the towel after a minute & a half.

but i'm diligently taking my vitamin C, drinking my water & doing everything i can to get myself back in my fighting form: squishy.

have i mentioned that i LOATHE being sick? i mean, i know that no one, except hypochondriacs, really likes being sick. but i just am so upset at this whole illness thing. just when i was doing well with my workouts & my eating i get slammed with a virus & knocked down flat on the floor. ack! & it's something completely & totally out of my control. there's nothing i can really do to speed things up other than, rest, drink water, & wait. seriously, how passive is that?

the only real upbeat news that i have is that i ordered some boots on monday from the doc marten website. they sent me a 25% off coupon in my email & i decided i was for damn sure going to take advantage of it. *grins* so i bought my birthday boots, some funky pink leather boots, & some everyday kickin it boots. so, i'm currently stalking them via the internet on the ups tracking site. & i'm hoping that they get to my doorstep & in my hot little hands & on my feet early!

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