Tuesday, March 20, 2007

week 10 & i'm a sad panda : (

ok, i mean, not super duper sad, but definitely a little bit pouty. my weight went up, by almost 6 pounds this past week. which seems absolutely impossible to me. i got sick last week. i woke up tuesday morning violently ill & i've been working on getting healthy since then. i didn't even eat anything on tuesday! & barely ate on wednesday & thursday. & i know i wasn't eating super healthy food & drinking my normal deluge of water, but seriously, how do i gain that much weight in one week?! i didn't even indulge in alcoholic beverages to celebrate st. paddy's!

so here's the ticker showing my weight now at 258.8, again. so, just have to work hard & push myself to the breaking point. two weeks left of the competition, i can definitely still win, i'm not that much behind the leader. & then again, there's also the fact that there are only 85 days left before i turn 30! & i'll need to be healthy with lots of energy to chase around after tina & frank's baby boy (who is due to make his grand debut this summer!)

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