Monday, March 12, 2007

week 9 weigh in update

today's weigh in was VERY kind to me, down four pounds from last week! WOOT. i'll be honest, i don't know how that happens, why it happens, but i'll take it with a huge smile on my face. i now know, for really sure, that this is the lowest weight that i've been in a year, probably lower than all of 2006. & that is a great feeling.

i'm also getting lots of compliments from my coworkers, not like i'm in this for the recognition, cause it is a wee bit embarrassing at times to get noticed for not being SUCH a fat person. if that makes any sense.

as for the competition, i'm still in second place, but the gap between first & second is VERY close right now, so i'm working hard to try to surpass rochelle & take the gold. even if i don't, i'm still so happy with myself. just knowing how much i've accomplished makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. it also makes me even more motivated to keep going into the gym to work out harder so that i can shift this into overdrive for the last three weeks of the competition. i'm hoping to be very secure into the 240's by the time the competition ends on april 2.

besides, i still have those fm boots to buy for my birthday & i want them to look smokin hot by june the 15th!

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