Wednesday, April 18, 2007

checking in: goals 2007

so, it's almost a third of the way through 2007. let's see how i'm doing on my goals that i set out in january:

~work out an average of 4 days/week for 60+min/day
~be able to do 10 real push ups~run for five minutes without dying
~by year's end be able to do firm videos without dying
~increase flexibility (for use in "fun" category)

well....i have not been doing the work out thing, at all, i've been averaging two days a week simply because i've been doing training with riley. ok, maybe three days on occasion, so i need to bump that up. i am getting stronger, but still no where near doing a single real push up, & i can run for about 45 seconds before i beg to die & slow down to a walk. as for the flexible, i've done pilates maybe twice this year...but my squats are getting deeper when i'm training my legs, so i may be increasing my flexibility a wee bit.

summary on fitness: meh, ok, needs improvement

~pay off at least two of my credit cards
~put money into my savings with every check

i don't have any of my credit cards paid off, but i am getting pretty close on one & making extra payments on others, so i'll re-evaulate this at the end of june when i'm half through the year, but i'm pretty hopeful i can get two paid off by years end. i think i've missed one, possibly two times, of transferring money into my savings. but otherwise doing pretty well.

summary on finance: doing pretty dang good

~finish my novel
~finish revising my poetry book
~submit to at least 5 publications this year

hrm, future, yeah, about that. i haven't really worked on my novel. i've written one new poem & haven't touched my poetry manuscript since 2006.

summary on future: failing miserably, thus far

~get my 3rd tattoo
~party like it's 1999 for my 30th
~enjoy the last of my 20's & the start of my 30's
~end the year with ZERO regrets

as for fun, well, i haven't been sitting around moping or anything. i got my nose pierced. i have my appointment for my birthday tattoo. i'm getting my ears pierced again before i go to cali. & just in general trying not to sweat the small things.

summary on fun: meh, doing alright, i guess

~work up to meditating 5 times a week by years end

haven't really meditated at all. but i've pulled out my "hippie" books & have done some reading & made friends with some like minded people. i've also recently learned about focusing my chi, so on the path. well, ok, i can SEE the path.

summary on focus: needs work

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