Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the end: week twelve

so, the competition has officially ended, & i hate to saying it blog readers: but i did not win. yeah, i know, i'm a very sad panda :( but don't worry, i'm not having a three some tonight with ben & jerry, i'll be hitting the gym with miss jenn for our second workout of the day.

i am disappointed in myself that i wasn't able to win this thing. i know that i really COULD HAVE if i would have taken it seriously hard core from the beginning. but, as it is, a good lesson was learned for me, & i still lost 17.4 lbs since the start of the whole thing in january, & that in itself is a big win for me. so go me, almost twenty pounds lost. i should be able to make my goal of 229 by the big 30!

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Diary of an irish woman said...

nearly 18 pounds is bloody fantastic ! dont knock yourself for not being first - you're the real winner for losing that weight !