Wednesday, April 25, 2007

it's all about the shoes, baby

i feel rather tall today. & skinny. ok, relatively skinny. & i give credit to my shoes.

most days i wear my doc marten boots. have i mentioned i /heart my new boots? if i haven't, here's the declaration. & while they are hella cute, they're flat & don't give my short self much of a boost. today though, we had to dress up, more than usual, at work because we had some "big wigs" coming through today. so no cute boots :(

instead i wore a pair of my mudd dress shoes. a little bit of a heel. black. kinda funky & definitely cute in their own right.

my legs are still killing me from my second to the last riley workout yesterday. & my pecs are twinging from the upper body miss jenn & i did monday. & my abs are screaming at me too about the ab workout i did. but at least i feel tall.

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