Tuesday, April 24, 2007

weigh in

so, i forgot to post my weigh in last week, but i did indeed weigh in, last week i was at 251.8, this week i'm at 250.8, so, yea me, down another pound! still kind of far from my birthday goal *sad panda* but i still have 7 weeks & i'd need to lose at least 22lbs to be safely at my goal for my birthday. yeah, that breaks down to more than three pounds a week. *GULP* yeah, i really don't see that happening.

to be honest, not even sure how i COULD manage that in a healthy way at this point, because "they" say that you should only lose two pounds a week. but i'll keep trying. besides, evidently all the weight lifting is supposed to be adding muscle, which weighs more than fat, but will eventually help me burn more fat faster. maybe if i start actually weight training 4-6 days a week? it's a thought. that & lots of cardio, baby. & then eating healthy & laying off the crap food. we'll see how that works.

*pondering* then again, i still have birthday boots to fit my fat ass calves into. & remarkably, both the pairs of high boots are pretty dang close to fitting me, i just need to hit the weights more & get those calves toned. as opposed to getting those calves tanned....that'd be if they were leather, moo. :) yeah, it was a cheesy joke.

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