Thursday, May 03, 2007

weight update

so i weighed myself in on monday as per the usual, & then just cause i'm obsessively like that i've been weighing myself every morning. now my goal was to get through the 240's in april. on monday, the last possible day in april my weight was 250. d'oh! couldn't even make it into the 240's in april. yeah, i did take a profanity break monday before i came to work. i also threw a fairly nice little tantrum hoping to hop off a half pound or such luck.

BUT then i weighed myself this morning & ta-da, 249.2. yeah, i did a happy dance. then hopped on the scale again, & the happy dance didn't make a difference, but STILL in the 240's! & this is on my heavy be honest my light scale has been saying the 240's since monday, but i haven't been "official" on that scale yet.

so let me put up my tickety-ticker(& seriously, how cool is that? just a little over halfway through to my goal) :

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