Friday, June 15, 2007

don't do anything stupid

those were the words of wisdom my sister gave me when i said good-bye to her tuesday night after she came over for our pre-birthday/pre-father's day dinner at my parents house. & at first i just gave her a hug, laughed, told her i loved her & no i wouldn't do anything stupid.

then, about 12 hrs later, as a i was leaving for work wednesday morning i thought "hey, HEY, what does she mean by don't do anything stupid? it's my 30th birthday & i'm going to cali, what the HE-ELL can she mean by THAT?!" & i'll be totally honest, i'm still not sure exactly what she means by that because, well, every one's definition of stupid is different.

i am definitely a little bit different than the rest of my family. i'm the one with the tattoos & the piercings. i'm the "whimsical" one who has the big ideas & grand plans & wants more than just middle class middle of the road mediocrity. i won't say that i'm exactly the black sheep. because they don't ostracize me for being different. they don't mock me (well, most of the time) & they don't shun me. so i definitely don't have the whole black sheep syndrome going on here. it's more like, i'm that blonde chick in the original adams family. a little bit different, but still one of the gang. except she was the "normal" one & the family were the "freaks" in main stream society & it's just flip-flopped.

NOW, if by stupid my sister meant getting tattooed again. then yes, i am being stupid. it's just after ten am here in cali & i'll be leaving my friend dev's apartment in about an hour to head up to pleasant hill to final sin body modification to get my third tattoo from the wonderfully talented tasha. for those of you who have been IN-THE-KNOW on my tat so far, the design has been switched up a little bit, but it's WICKED awesome & very perfect for me. i'll get some pics posted on my blog once i get home to minnesota. i forgot my camera chord at home so i can't upload my pics. which is a bit of a bummer, but i'll get over it because it's still at home & i can still get the pics loaded once i'm back there on monday.

& then, well, tonight i'm going to a party here in cali. i'll say more about it tomorrow. for now i'm not saying much of anything except, well, it should be an interesting time to say the least. i have my mini skirt & my fishnets. i'll have a brand-new tattoo & things'll be grande.

one final note: 30 years ago today, at just after 7pm CST in the small town of linton north dakota, i was born on a muggy june night, the umbilical chord wrapped around my little neck, & that's what started it all gang.

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