Tuesday, June 12, 2007

j-boys & addicts need not apply

my 30th birthday is just three days away & it has me in a contemplative mood. well, contemplative when i'm not ready to throw a first class hissy fit that is, more about said hissy later on. & one thing that i've been saying for a while, but realized is really really true, is that there are some people that are just plain poison to me. they're like kryptonite to superman, a sports car to james dean, mcdonald's to president clinton, speedball to river phoenix, & so on. the people i'm talking about are j-boys & addicts.

the addicts part is pretty self explanatory, but let me expound on the j-boys part. simply put, j-boys are any male who's name starts with the letter j. once again, pretty simple. for some reason i seem to attract both of these, most often combined into one person. & it winds up being a very bad thing for me.

like my friend sinead says: "beckah, you have the broken arrow syndrome. you want to fix all the broken arrows out there, and you just can't." & even though she been saying this to me, oh, about three years now, ever since we met basically, i think it's finally sinking in. yeah, i know, i'm a slow learner at times. & it's not that i didn't KNOW what she said, or ignored it completely. i agree with her wholeheartedly that i do exactly that. i try to fix people, fix their problems. i don't know, maybe i feel like if i can help someone else out & fix THEM it'll fix whatever happens to be wrong in my life. & that's a problem.

i know that i personally have an addictive personality. anyone who has been in my life through one of my video game fits (super mario, star fox, & WoW to name a few) knows that when i get hooked on something i like it's a scary scene. i am working on funneling that energy into a good addiction, like healthy eating & exercise. & i'm sorta kinda getting there. but two addicts together is not at all good. i have a bad feeling about that one.

& the j-boys. *sighs* what can i say about them? for me, they're just straight up poison. there's nothing else i can say to that. i am planning on getting a past life regression done later this summer, some time this year at the absolute outside. & i'm kind of wondering if there is something in one of my past lives. or, i don't know. there is SOMETHING in me that keeps attracting these guys that are no good for me!

& FOR THE RECORD: i am not one of those chicks who blames all of her problems on men. because, i take full responsibility for the fact that i get myself into these relationships. i allow myself to be taken advantage of men, um, well, men is over stating, BOYS that don't seem to want to grow up & be responsible adults. instead they'd rather suck the life, soul, & light out of someone who is dumb enough to care about them. & even though that does sound bitter, i think that all of my real life friends would agree that my previous statement is very true.

so, to sum up: if you're a boy & your name starts with j, i'm not interested. same is true if you are a current or former, drug addict or alcoholic, cause i can't deal with that shit.

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