Saturday, June 16, 2007

my sister: the prophet

the morning after my 30th birthday & i'm still alive & kicking. but in just a wee bit of pain. i had thought my sister was kind of being a smart ass telling me not to do anything stupid, as it turns out, i think she was being prophetic.

yesterday dev was a total sweetheart & loaned me his convertible for my birthday. all i can say about that car is: O-MY-GOD i'm in love! it's this zippy little nisson in a deep metallic blue. & goddamn that little fucker is fast! a girl could get in trouble driving a car like that every day. but, then again, i also definitely see myself owning a nice little sports car like that myself one day. something like my saturn with just a few more ponies under the hood *winks*

now, even though i am a quarter indian, for some reason those genes have receded from my skin & left nothing but the whitiest of the white to control my skin tone: german, polish & norwegian. yeah, i know, i have no hope. i'm a pretty white white girl. & that's something that somehow i completely forget when i got into dev's car yesterday & made the 60 mile drive north from campbell to pleasant hill. i was basically just in the car with the top down for an hour. which, should be no big thang, right? uh, well, not quite.

& here's the saddest part of the entire thing. when i was getting ready to leave dev's apartment i thought that i should put a little sun screen on my arms & face, but then i got distracted & thought "well, it'll just be an hour, i should be fine." *shakes my head* not a good idea. a really not good idea. i showed up at final sin to get my tattoo & my shoulders were pretty pink. which was fine for the left one because i've had that tat for a year & it's healed up. but for my right one, the place of my new tattoo, the sunburn was not such a great thing. & this tattoo took the longest of all three, i was in the chair for 6 hours. getting tattooed on top of a sun burn. jesus bobby. i'll be completly honest, it was the most painful of the three. even today the burned areas sting a little bit, but aren't too bad. but my tat is more than a bit sore.

tasha didn't say anything about the burn having a negative effect on my tattoo. she's a really talented artist & i know that if she would have thought it wasn't a good idea for me to get the tattoo she would have told me. because if my tattoo doesn't turn out well it also reflects negatively on her. well, not exactly, but if it doesn't turn out well it's not good advertising, if that makes any sense. so far my fairie is looking pretty good. a little scabbed over, oozing just a bit, but my other two did the same thing.

but, i will say that i have learned a very valuable lesson, in that i need to slather myself in sunscreen any time i'm going to be out in the sun at all. not like anyone actually ENJOYS a sunburn, but i really really REALLY hate it. hopefully it'll start healing very quickly so then i'll just have to worry about the mild discomfort of a new tattoo. the slight pulling & itching. it will be about a month or so before it, my tattoo, starts healing enough for me to be able to tell if there's going to be any issues with the design due to the burn.

ok, so yeah, i know what stupid is

PS: i missed noting the one year anniversary of my blog, but this is the 200th post. so thanks for being with me & here's to a long future. CHEERS! *glass clink*

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