Sunday, July 08, 2007

drinking mimosas from a coffee mug~a poem

normally i don't post my poems on my blog. but today, i will. the following is a poem that i wrote today. it's pretty self explanatory. thanks everyone. love much, beckah.

drinking mimosas from a coffee mug

today was supposed to be our wedding day.
instead, i went to target for wash cloths &
razor blades, picked up some sourdough bread,
milk & ramen noodles on the way home from
working my second job. clad in faded blue jeans
& flip flops, my hair back in a soft-worn gray
bandana instead of a princess dress with my hair
in big ringlet curls & a tira flashing like stars,
as i’d once imagined myself wearing this night.

i haven’t heard from you yet, but somehow
that’s ok, because i really don’t want to hear
your voice, or see your number show on my
caller id. i don’t want to think too hard about
the fact that you’ve already moved on to someone
new. & not because i love you anymore, because i
don’t. not in the slightest. not even a tiny little itty
bit with a hint of nostalgia. but because i want
you to think today about what you could have had
& miss me. & call yourself a fool. & wish for just
one more second chance, that i wouldn’t give.

so i’m sitting at home, a smile on my face & in
my eyes, drinking mimosas from a coffee mug,
toasting myself & thankful that i’m still alone,
depending on myself for strength, confidence, &
hope. writing a poem for myself, for my future.
knowing that in the end, i’m wiser for the time
i lost, better for the lessons i gained in the end.
& happy that i didn’t tie my life to yours today.


Suburban Witch said...


I enjoyed the honesty. And you realizing that you ARE the lucky one.


Love you girly, :)

Diary of an irish woman said...

welcome home sisterchick, your true adventures have just begun. And thank you for sharing the poem - I want to see more please! Talent shouldnt be hidden - flaunt it like that new tattoo- love ya

Anonymous said...

that was a great poem.

pensive pearl