Sunday, July 08, 2007

further thoughts on mimosas

so, here's one thing i learned tonight: mimosas taste really fucking good with nilla waffers. yeah, i know, who'd've guessed? it's nothing i would have ever put together straight away. but i do recommend them if you're having a mimosa at a time other than brunch & need something to accompany the beverage. which, actually, if you think about it. mimosa is just a fancy way of saying "i feel like getting fucking sloshed before noon." though, today, instead of drinking a mimosa in the morning i had it late at night. which is good too. it has to be ten am somewhere, right?

i actually didn't even plan on drinking this evening. but i ran across a bottle of champagne that my mom had been given a while back when i was hanging out at my parents' house today. & since i was planning on spending saturday night at their place, i said "why don't we toss this bitch in the fridge & we'll have some champagne & toast my non marriage when i get home from work?" yes, around my mother i do actually say things like "let's toss this bitch in the fridge." she is, well, both her & my dad, are not necessarily your factory model parents. they've had a few adjustments including the optional profanity filter removal. & it's definitely not worse than anything my parents have said. er, even anything my mom said during errand earlier today.

so, before i went to work at the group home we threw that bitch in the fridge. i got home, my parents each had a bit, & i made mimosas out of the rest of the bottle. i'm not very fond of champagne straight up. yeah, i know, evidently it's a luxery, but i can't stand more than a few sips on its own. but if you mix that shit with orange juice, then i'm all over it like a dog on a steak. same with vodka. i'm not fond at all of vodka straight up. can't stand it. but if you mix vodka up with a bit of orange juice? mm-mmm good!

i wound up pairing the nilla wafers with the mimosa because i needed a wee bit of food to make the medicine, er, alcohol, go down. & for the briefest of moments i did consider an omelet. but, that seemed like too much work, & a bit excessive for midnight on a saturday. nilla wafers just involved a wee little box shake & that was that. an omelet does sound tempting for sunday morning. too bad i'll be out of mimosas by then. but, probably a good thing since i have to work sunday evening again at the group home.

& that ends this segment of: further thoughts on mimosas. thank you for tuning in. this episode has been brought to you by the number 69.

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