Tuesday, July 03, 2007

home sweet apartment

for those of you that i don't talk to very often, i got a new apartment. yippee & congrats to me! *happy dance* my apartment is in st. paul, with a beautiful view of the mississippi river & two wicked cool roommates. ok, i've known my roommates for all of two weeks tomorrow, but still, thus far they're wicked cool : )

i have the majority of my stuff moved in & i've actually started staying there. & it's good. to be honest, it's still a little bit surreal. i did have a place with my sister for a while, & when i moved back with my parents two years ago it was just supposed to be for a month or two, six months maximum. fast forward two years & i was still living there & it just wasn't where i wanted, or needed to be.

yes, i do realize, at 30 i should've been out on my own with my own apartment for a long time. but things with my family are complicated. & it wasn't even always necessarily that i didn't want a place of my own, at times it was because i really felt like my parents NEEDED me to be there with them, if that makes any sense at all.

& my mom took it a lot better than my dad. my mom has known for some time that i was wanting to get my own place, like for, oh, the last year & three quarters, basically just a few months after i moved back in 2005. but my dad has always wanted me & my siblings to live with him forever. he just has this thing about wanting to keep his family close so he can protect us. it's very sweet actually.

but i'm there & very happy about it. the view is spectacular, & the river walk is literally outside my door. this is a very good thing.

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