Monday, August 06, 2007

anyone know where a girl can find a rudder?

despite the fact that i'm very grateful that obviously a lot of people love me & care that i'm not dead or horribly maimed, i'm still having some issues on a day-to-day basis keeping my spirits up, keeping my faith, & doing the things that i want to do to cement my future as i dream it. the things i know that i need to do. & not just need to do as in the obligations of life: a long list of the things that one MUST do just to keep going (like laundry, grocery shopping, or putting gas in your car), but the things i need to do to make it to where i know i'm destined to be.
~i need to write, every day, no matter what
~i need to finish a novel, any of them, but i need to finish
~i need to develop a thick skin
~i need to put my emotions into my writing instead of curling up around myself like a wounded caterpillar
~i need to treat myself like a writer instead of an aspiring writer
~i need to have faith
~i need to believe
it's funny, but sometimes i look at old pictures of myself & i don't recognize that person. especially looking back three years to my burning man self. i came back so focused from the playa. ready to light the world on fire & dance while i watched it burn. ready to be larger than life & so in control of everything. occasionally i still see glimpses of that girl in my eyes, something deep in the green-gold-hazel-ish undertones of my brown eyes. i have a picture of myself that i took that day, in the airport, on the way back to minnesota, a wonderful myspace-sque self portrait. looking at the picture i have such a deep longing to be able to meld my current self with that former self that it feels like a razor in my chest, a sob that just won't bubble up completely.
i do know that somewhere within myself i have the answers to all of this. i know that i know how to accomplish all those things i need to do in order to have the life that is meant for me. but right now i'm feeling a lotta-bit lost, like someone changed the topography & forgot to give me a new map. it's a lot harder to follow the right path when you can't even see the road.

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Diary of an irish woman said...

sometimes changing everything is overwhelming. Start with wee steps in the direction you want to go in. Rome wasnt built in a day and neither is our dreams or path. One step at a time baby sister, you're on right path just listen to your heart.