Wednesday, August 08, 2007

homey don't bend that way

ok, OK, so yeah, i'll admit it, i did enjoy my workout last night. not while i was doing it, but afterwards. to be honest, while i was on the elliptical doing my time i kept thinking "holy god this is boring, dammit i want off this ride!" & jenn didn't have her esp turned on, i kept glancing over at her giving her my i-am-dying-&-want-off-this-thing look, but she didn't look at me once. then again, she could have been observing my pathetic plea for mercy from her peripheral vision & ignoring me, which is always an option. in the end i'm glad i stuck it out though. because once i finished the grueling time on the elliptical we went to the power down class in the mind/body room.
i'll give this to the Y, i'm loving all their free classes. while i really love getting my aggression out & getting the gloves on in kick box d'oh, so far my favorite is the power down class. for anyone who hasn't attended one, it's a combination yoga/meditation class. it is very relaxing, although, a bit challenging also. the challenging part is that i'm pretty well convinced that you need to be a direct descendant of gumby to be able to do all of the stretching exercises. at one point in time, fairly early in the class, we were laying on our backs, knees bent, the instructor said "now put one of your legs up on the knee of the other" so i obliged, crossing my legs thinking, huh, this feels kinda nice, she then said "now reach between your legs, grab that bottom leg & pull towards your body" yeah, about that. i reached my arms straight out, trying for all my might, trying to use the force, thinking to myself, USE THE FORCE, to get that leg to pull up to my body. somehow i managed to do it without intervention, but it was not easy at all.
oddly enough, even though this is only the second time jenn & i went to this class, & the first time was probably a month ago, i feel like i was able to bend a bit farther, stretch more, & in general just a wee bit more flexible. although, i still hold to this blog title in that "homey don't bend that way." mainly cause it's fun to say.
today my back is twinging up a bit, not necessarily full blown aching, & not the sharp kind of pain where you really want someone to punch you out, but just twinging. my lower back feels all tight & curled up on itself. i think i would feel better if i could just grab a chin -up bar & dangle there for a while. unfortunately i won't be able to do that until i get off work, in five-ish hours, & get over to the Y. yup yup yup. planning on hitting the gym again. i'm kinda bumming because miss jenn won't be going tonight because she has to work late, which means no kick box d'oh for me. so sad. i know i don't NEED jenn in order to attend a class, except, i really do need a partner for kick boxing. they request that you show up in pairs. & even though it's tempting, i think there would be something slightly wrong about me hanging out in the fitness center going "pst, hey, you, what are you doing tonight from 6:15-7:15? can i throw punches at you for half an hour? i'll let you do the same. really, it'll be loads of fun." **ponders** yeah, i just don't see that as being a viable option. that kind of behavior could get me an invitation to not return, for at least a little while.
& on that note, i'll close this by saying, if anyone knows the hottie who was weight lifting at the Y last night in the fire & rescue t-shirt, please give him this message: hey baby, you can come rescue me any time. & twice on sundays.

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