Wednesday, August 08, 2007

proud auntie beckah

last week, on monday july 30th, my absolute bestest friend in the whole wide world, miss tina ann, gave birth to a gorgeous little boy, lucas james. while tina isn't technically my sister, she's just like family to me. she's an only child so my family has kind of adopted her, & her family has adopted me & my sister. so i really am auntie beckah.

i was at the hospital when baby boy was born, not in the birthing room though, i wouldn't have wanted to be ring side! luckily tina's hubby frank took one for the team & was in with her *grins* but i got to chill with my sis, rachee, & the whole tina/frank/lucas cheering section in the family waiting room. by the time i got to see little lucas on his birthday i was super tired & i didn't hold him because i was afraid i would drop him because i was that exhausted. but i went back the next morning & i was holding him when he turned twelve hours old at 10:21 am!

i'm not sure this will successfully post since my work has blocked blogger & i have to post remotely, so if little lucas' picture doesn't show i'll fix it in a day or two. i am so happy for tina & frank, they are going to be such wonderful parents & i'm happy that i can spoil lucas & then send him back to mom & dad!

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