Monday, September 24, 2007

100 things about me

for the record, i'm totally ripping this idea off from a blog, bleeding espresso, that i've recently discovered. i read exactly one of her posts & realized that i need to read more of them. & that i totally have to make a list of my own.
1. i'm a writer
2. first & foremost: see #1
3. i'm the oldest of 3 or the middle of 5, depending on how you count my siblings
4. i'm 30
5. i feel like i'm 21
6. i look about 21
7. my favorite band is bon jovi
8. i won't apologize for #7
9. my parents are still married
10. i've always had a pet since i was born
11. my parents currently have custody of my pets due to my living situation
12. my dog worships me
13. one of my cats loves me but doesn't show it
14. the other worships me. . .& is plotting my demise
15. i'm happier now being alone than when i was engaged
16. at least once a year i re-read the book "the face on the milk carton"
17. i refuse to re-read "where the red fern grows" because i cried too hard
18. when i get furious i need to hit someone or cry
19. i usually cry when i'm furious
20. star wars geek i am
21. i miss my grandpa paul
22. i never met my grandpa paul, he died 16 years before i was born
23. the only bone i've ever broken is the tip of my middle finger on my right hand
24. my favorite tv show as a kid was dukes of hazard
25. i used to want to be a barker's beauty when i was a kid
26. my mother regulated our tv time with coupons. 30min on a school night, an hour on the weekend
27. i had to cooperate with my siblings to watch a movie
28. if my dad was watching tv i could watch with him & not use a coupon
29. chips was my other favorite tv show
30. i still have a crush on the duke boys (the duke boys then, not now)
31. i've been boy crazy since birth
32. my dad reminds me of the father in my big fat greek wedding
33. he did actually say to me once "why you want to lea-ave me?!"
34. i randomly quote obscure movies
35. i love everything orange flavored
36. i really don't like the color orange, at all
37. when my mom was pregnant with me she ate a bag of oranges a day
38. the last time the vikings made it to the super bowl i was a fetus
39. my favorite numbers are 13 & 69 & 77
40. i was supposed to be born on june 13th
41. my birth was delayed by 2 days because 4 other babies had the audacity to want to show up
42. i am so happy that i don't have kids at this time (see #11)
43. two of my best friends had baby boys exactly three weeks apart
44. i still buy happy meals, for myself, sometimes just for the toy
45. my favorite color is pink
46. my second favorite color is black
47. i'm addicted to the mc-crack
48. i /heart going to the Y
49. i hated gym class when i was a kid
50. i loved playing outside & running around until i was 7
51. when i was a kid i wanted to play hockey
52. my mom said "no daughter of mine is growing up without teeth."
53. hockey is the only professional sport that i even semi follow
54. they'll always be the north stars to me
55. i never cried when my grandma ginger died & still haven't
56. i cried when we put my dog anastasia down & went to class drunk that night
57. once in a while i still look for my cat tommy who ran away 14 years ago
58. i still miss my white german shepherds snow & tillie
59. i really don't miss my ex-fiance, at all, in the slightest
60. i like creating acronyms
61. guys with vast vocabularies & large intellects are a turn on
62. #61 is not a euphemism
63. i'm slightly dyslexic
64. i'm a gemini
65. i'm a gemini
66. 64 & 65 repeating was deliberate
67. i believe in reincarnation
68. i've had memories of a past life
69. in case you missed #39 this is my FAVORITIST number
70. i was raised catholic
71. technically now, i'm a recovering catholic
72. my mother doesn't find #71 funny
73. i have 3 tattoos
74. the plan is to do all my back & full sleeves on both arms. . .& maybe more
75. my family hates my tattoos
76. i fly to pleasent hill, cali just to get tattooed
77. my first tattoo is in memory of my baby nephew, logan, who passed away in 2003
78. logan's death saved my life
79. going to the dixie chicks with tina was one of my pivotal life moments
80. i rarely listen to country music much any more
81. recently i was described as "an alternative chick"
82. people THINK i'm a good girl from minnesota. until they see my nose. my tongue. & my tats
83. i loathe being called a good girl from minnesota
84. i totally have a crush on eminem (it's my dirty little secret)
85. anyone who calls my phone between 8pm-8am hears dirty little secret while they're waiting for me to pick up
86. my voicemail is completely ridiculous, but completely based on a true story
87. most of the true stories in my life are completely ridiculous
88. i'm so happy my life is not pastel & boring
89. nothing in my life is pastel & boring
90. i shop at victoria secret. . . for make-up
91. tyra banks is one of my role models
92. my mom is one of my heros
93. this list is harder to write than i thought it would be
94. i'm confident enough to tell my friend "i love you"- - -to their face, on the phone, in writing
95. i did not inhale, true story
96. i actually got grad school credit for going to burning man
97. wikipedia is my new favorite website
98. now that i know how to create hyperlinks i hyperlink all over the joint
99. i like turning nouns into verbs (ie i should've thesaurused that word)
100. i have enough ego for three people, but i'm not egotistical (& that's why i will one day rule the world)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE FACE ON THE MILK CARTON TOO!!!!! Did you know they made a made for TV movie about it! oh man.. that was the best book ever!

pensive pearl

Anonymous said...

5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18, 35, 42, 44, 46, 49, 50, 58 (never had white german shepherds, but they are my favorite dog! Me and my best friend Mel want to have puppy brothers someday!), 64 & 65, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 84, 88, 90

I also have those numbers in common as well.


beckah said...

wow pearl, i didn't know we had that much in common!

i'm now waiting to see your 100 things about you list *grins*