Sunday, September 16, 2007

sometimes, my dad is right (but i'll never admit it to him)

i am continually amazed by people.

& rarely in a good way.

i have recently had, we'll call it an interaction, with someone who made me shake my head in utter disgust. now by interaction i mean emails & one conversation over coffee folks, nothing more than that.

& some how he seemed to not only think it was some how more serious than that, but also that he had the right to not only try to comment on my life, but try to control my life in his own warped passive aggressive way.

yeah, the response you're looking for is: what?!

so my dad is right, the internet is full of crazies. &, my friends are often right. miss april told me about two weeks ago to just stop responding to his emails, block him, & pretend that i never ever met him. well, i tend to be too nice so i didn't do that. & i feel like, in retrospect, i should have listened to april & two weeks ago just said "thanks, but no thanks." & if that didn't work, pull a chandler & say "i'm moving to yemen."

so for those that are keeping track: no j-boys, no addicts, & no crazies.


Suburban Witch said...

hee hee hee! Live and learn, baby. *hugs* :)

Diary of an irish woman said...

Also put on list, only positive folks who support you and your dreams, that one took me a while to learn.. all our love