Friday, November 16, 2007

more work inappropriateness

once again, i /heart my friends! this was created for me by a friend who's moving on to a new job *tear* but she wanted to leave a little something to remember her by. & YES, once again, my friends are so work inappropriate, but i LOVE them for it!

now. there is a story as to why she drew me a pole dancing snow person. my new cube has a big frickin pole between my cube & my neighbor's cube, so we've been nicknamed the pole dancers of the team. awesome, eh? &, then there's the fact that i do have a pink feather boa in my cube just because, well, it's fun.

& YES, that is a snow man waving a dollar bill down in the "pit" for our lady in pink. . . ever seen a snow person in fishnets before?

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