Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 goals: revisited

with 2007 coming to a close it's time to revisit the goals i set out at the *almost* beginning of the year. on january 1st i'm going to post my 2008 goals. i liked the categories of the goals for this year. i liked the fact that there were five & they all started with the letter f. i think i'm even going to keep the same categories for 2008, but obviously not the exact same goals. new year, new goals, right? right. & some of these, like the push ups under fitness, are already on my 101 things to do in 1001 days. so in a way it almost feels a bit like double dipping for using them in more than one place.

i'm also going to do my best to pick things that i want to do, but that are also attainable & meaningful to me. i think too often new year's resolutions are created just so that we can later break them & feel guilty about it. i may even limit myself to just three goals per category so that i can make sure that these are things that i can focus a lot of time and energy on in the next year.

~work out an average of 4 days/week for 60+min/day
i was doing excellent at the working out for a damn long time, then kind of lost my steam/my focus/my dedication. but i've been missing it so much lately that i am getting back to it & fitness is going to be at the top of my 2008 goals.

~be able to do 10 real push ups
not even close, not even gonna lie about it. but, tomorrow is another day. & tuesday is another YEAR. so i'll get this one onto my 2008 list.

~run for five minutes without dying
i think i came kinda close to this one when i was heavy into the jogging before i got the bronchitis in september. damn you bronchitis! *waving an angry fist* but once again, i KNOW i can do this in 2008.

~by year's end be able to do firm videos without dying
let's see. last time i did a firm video was. was. uh, um, can't recall? so i'll say no go on this one too.

~increase flexibility (for use in "fun" category)
i am more bendy now than i was a year ago. not as bendy as i'd like. but pretty dang bendy regardless.

~pay off at least two of my credit cards
this is still a work in progress, but i'm miles ahead of where i was last year this time. so i'll keep trucking on it. i've also decided for 2008 that i hate shopping. please remind me of this if i tell you to the contrary.

~put money into my savings with every check
i did actually do this one religiously & i'm pretty pleased with myself about it. & i even most of the time put the money in my CD & not just my savings. my bank has a CD called a reward CD that you start with just $100 & then you can add to it. a lower interest rate than a traditional CD, but a great way to save money!

~finish my novel
no, not finished. but i've made a great deal of progress on it, most of that within the last four months. so i know i'll be all done with it very very soon.

~finish revising my poetry book
one again. nope. but this WILL be done in '08 because i plan on graduating a year from now.

~submit to at least 5 publications this year
uh, yeah. submitted to none. but, i'm not down on myself about it because sometimes there are things that just take more time. & while i have a ton of confidence in myself, in my writing, i'm still somewhat a tidge intimidated by the submission process. but i'll get over that by april 1st, 2008. why april 1st 2008 you say? because that's one third through the new year. & i'm a math geek & i like it.

~get my 3rd tattoo
yup yup yup. june 15th, my 30th birthday, my 3rd tattoo was born of ink, sunburn, and a smidge of blood on my right upper arm.

~party like it's 1999 for my 30th
on my actual birthday i had sushi with dev & whit, wimpered from a sunburn, had sparkling cider & ice cream cake. the next day i DID party like it was 1999 at mr. floppy's flophouse with dev, mike, & whit and some absinthe. woot. so yeah, i did this one too.

~enjoy the last of my 20's & the start of my 30's
i really have enjoyed the end of my 20's start of my 30's. for all the ups & downs this past year has had for me, i really did enjoy it.

~end the year with ZERO regrets
there are things i would rather not have happened because they were not so fabulous. but i won't say i have any real regrets. because everything that i experienced has brought me to who i am at this exact moment. & i really like me. & i think everything that has happened this year has brought me greater knowledge, wisdom, & the ability to be a better person.

~work up to meditating 5 times a week by years end
i am not formally meditating at all right now. but, i think when it comes to clearing my mind, my mental/emotional space, & taking inventory i am in a lot better place than i was in the beginning of 2007. but this is also a great thing for me to keep working on too.

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