Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 goals/resolutions

overall i'm not a big one for "new year's resolutions" anymore, because i think it's just a way of saying "make all these grand huge life changing plans because it's the first of the year not because you want to actually change anything." & while i am putting together these at the beginning of the year, i'm doing it because i want to, because these are things that i have been trying to do already, but i'm just formalizing my desire to make the changes.

i was rather fond of the five "f" categories, from last year, as noted in my blog of a few days past, so i'll do the same thing this time. the following are my goals for 2008. & i plan on checking in quarterly just to give a progress update & keep myself accountable. some of these i'm "ripping" off from '07 because i'm not yet as far along with those changes as i'd like to be.

i will make one "resolution" that doesn't really fit into any of these categories, & that is: to be the best possible person that i can, taking from each experience knowledge & lessons to help me in my future endeavors, not dwelling on the unpleasant, but rather looking with hope & anticipation of things to come. this is something i strive for each day anyway in my life, just because i'm that kind of person, but i also think it helps sometimes to put something in writing & declare it to the whole world.

~be able to do 10 real push ups
~work out an average of 45 minutes a day at least 3 days a week
~start rollerblading again this spring/summer

~put money into my savings with every check
~stop shopping as a hobby
~get my CD(s) to $4,000

~graduate from my MFA program
~submit to at least 5 publications
~create plans for the next year, five years, ten years

~end the year with ZERO regrets (i did accomplish this in '07, but i think it's a great goal in general)
~take a road trip somewhere new
~do at least one fun/relaxing/recreational activity each week. . .even when i'm working the weekend at the group home

~complete NaNoWriMo
~write everyday on one of my projects
~work up to meditating every day by year's end


Anonymous said...

Those are great goals. I do mine on 43things.com every year, I like having a numbers goal like 43. :) Also, you can blog and post pics about each individual goal, and people can "cheer" for you. I love cheers from strangers! You can also find people who have accomplished goals you want to do, and can look at people who gave up on the same goals... it's a super site. I'm thewordgirl on there if you ever give it a whirl.

pensive pearl

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