Thursday, January 10, 2008

i'll always be a st. paul girl at heart

i'm taking control of my life, doing the adult thing, & moving to a new apartment. i really like my b-r, i'm going to be sad to not see him so often because we really do get along quite well. he's a lot of fun to have as a roommate. & just as a person i get along quite smashingly with him. i will say i think it's unfair that any one boy should be so skinny especially since he eats a lot of pizza. but it's one of those endearing things. just like my sister can tell someone to their face she thinks they're an ugly slut & they think she's joking, even though she's dead serious. it's one of those qualities to admire.

now, it's not that i don't like g-r, i just don't think we should live together. especially with the fact that we work together. (did i mention the fact that i referred her to my place of work? if i didn't, yeah, update, i referred her back in the summer & we now work at the same place). & there are so many things going on at the apartment that i'm just not cool with. BUT. i'm going to be an adult, not talk smack, & just chalk it up to irreconcilable differences.

with that said. i found my new place & i'll be heading out to the burbs. i found a nice little place in plymouth, super close to work. it's just the right size for me, not too big, not too small. the perfect place for me to just tuck in & write & do the things i want to do with my life right now. i'll be able to move in february 1st, maybe a little earlier, which is just perfect. i'm hoping for a bit earlier.

once i make a decision about something i'm decided. which is both wonderful because it means that i'm really sure & it sucks because sometimes the rest of the world doesn't move as fast as i would like it to. & then typically in the mean time i've driven all my friends & family crazy with my indecisiveness & waffling on the issue. but i have a really good feeling about this place. it's going to be my very own space. & it'll be nice to not have to deal with someone else in my bathroom, making a mess in the kitchen, someone else's food crowding the fridge or freezer. or just dealing with the fact that someone else is living in the same apartment as me. like i said. it's not ALL bad having a roommate. but i'm ready to try it on my own for a while.

one thing that will take some time to adjust to is living in the suburbs. i realized today on my drive home that i've lived in st. paul for 27 years. i moved here ON my 3rd birthday from a tiny town in north dakota. & since then i've been a city girl through & through. i've lived in 3 houses in st. paul, one dorm, and two apartments. all WITHIN the city limits. before that i lived in the godforsaken middle of fucking nowhere, north dakota (btw, north dakota was not good to my family, so i'm not really a big fan). so for all the time i can remember i've lived in the city & been a city girl.

& i'm wondering how badly i'll miss it. i'm going to love being close to work, i already know that. but there is a lot i really like about the city. at my current apartment there is a 24-7 diner just down the road. & i mean LITERALLY 24-7. they don't even close on christmas. & i know of all these quaint little one of a kind stores. in the suburbs everything is all chains pretty much. there's no little mom & pop joints. . . .or, i haven't found any yet. oh, wait. there is the ham shop near work. but there are 2 of those, so technically kinda a chain.

but my parents still live in st. paul. & they still have custody of my "children" (meaning my 2 cats & my dog. . .i don't have any souvenirs). & there are enough things i like about st. paul that i'll make it a point to go there once every other week or so.

in the mean time, i need to start packing my apartment & sorting my stuff & getting ready for my big move. & other big things happening in my life, which i will update more later. but for now i'm super tired, this is a long posting, & the rest i can't go into explicit detail just yet.

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Anonymous said...

I love St. Paul too. If I could live "in" any city, that would be it.

pensive pearl