Saturday, January 19, 2008

a whole new world, er, wardrobe

i had the weirdest thought occur to me about a week ago. after the surgery i'll be losing weight pretty quickly, which means that i'm going to need to keep getting new clothes, just a piece as a time as needed until i level out. which is pretty much a "well d'uh" statement. & it really *IS* something that i had previously considered quite a bit (i'll get to the weird thought in a bit).

i've been going through my clothes & identifying the ones that are smaller, & of course the ones that are kinda tight & the ones that are just plain too small. taking a basic inventory. i have some gift cards for old navy that i plan on using to supplement my wardrobe as i need new items. i also figure with tshirts i can wear them for quite a while because they're a rather forgiving piece of clothing. so i'll need some new work clothes & then jeans. i'm guessing i'll also make great friends with the local good wills & consignment shops. & then i'll be passing on my clothes that are too big to someone else who could use them.

sounds like i have everything pretty much mapped out, eh? well i do now that i've had my weird thought. one thing i hadn't considered before was panties & bras. i'll definitely be in need of those post surgery. on occasion i've gone commando in the past, i mean, who hasn't? but the going braless thing, that's not something i'm too keen on. especially since one of my newest hobbies is running, it's just not an option.

now i'll be totally upfront & honest here, i really hope my tits don't get too much smaller. band size, sure, but cup size, oh god, please no. i like my boobies. they're not super huge, but they're quite lovely & i'm rather fond of them. they actually used to be quite a bit bigger when i was bigger (of course). totally unrelated to the underwear issue, but i am curious what my boobs will look like a year from now & i'm wondering if i'll want to get plastic surgery on them. only time will tell, eh?

so back to the panty issue. with jeans, skirts, shirts, & all of that i can always give away the clothes that are too big on me to a friend or family member in need. but you really can't give away underwear that's been worn, that's just on the nasty side of life. seriously. & even bras, you really can't just give those to someone. that's one of those things that you just want to buy brand new. seriously, who wants hand-me-down-panties? ew.

what will i do with these extra undergarments? it kinda seems like a waste to throw them out. but then again, they really aren't going to do me any good sitting in my closet. & i'm not going to hang onto my "fat panties" for posterity. i mean it's one thing to stand in one leg of a pair of jeans when you're skinny & it's another to pull out an old thong or bra & say: this used to fit me, let me show you how small i am now in comparison! i guess throwing them out kind of is my only option. unless i can get a creative suggestion for what to do with my soon to be cast aside bras & panties they'll be stuffed in a glad bag & thrown on the curb.

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Josh said...

Oooh oooh... I vote for patchwork panty quilt! Donate it to the homeless! How awesome would that be, some homeless guy all wrapped up in a panty quilt! Bwahahaha!

On a serious note, my cousin Tasha from California just got a surgery date on March 24, 2008. Hope you don't mind but I told her to check out your blog and feel free to say hi! (I'll message you a link to her myspace if you feel like dropping a note to a fellow future WLS sister. :)

I'm so happy for you Beckah! Can't wait for you to start reeping all the benefits that come with the surgery!