Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

i'd like to wish everyone a very happy easter (or if you don't celebrate easter then a very happy sunday march 23rd). i spent this weekend at my parents' house to celebrate with them, ya know, do the whole family thing. i was even a good daughter & went to church with my mom & sister this morning. did the catholic calisthenics. not like i have anything against catholics or anything, it's just a lot of up/down/up/down/up/down. we were in the "bad monkey" overflow section
because we got there so late all the pews were taken, so luckily we didn't have to do any kneeling because we didn't have the padded kneelers in front of us. in addition we got to see all of the interesting goings on of the church hallway during the services. there are a whole lot of little kids that run up & down, going to the bathroom or just getting out some extra energy while the rest of the parishioners go about their worship.

it's been a rather good day here at the family homestead. my mom made us caramel apple french toast & bacon for breakfast. & for dinner she's making tator tot hotdish. usually on easter she'd make a ham & some kind of potatoes & some sort of veggie. kind of a large dig in kind of meal. but she decided to opt for tator tot hotdish this year, partially because i may not be able to eat the ham, but i'm more likely to be able to eat the hotdish. *crossing my fingers*

yesterday i ate about 1/6 a piece of bacon. it did make me a bit sick, but i kept it down. & then this morning i was able to eat a whole slice of bacon! i was so happy i almost did a dance. it's an easter miracle. i know it seems silly to some people. but i was starting to worry that i was going to be a vegetarian for ever & it was making me super sad. i honestly believe that i'm not eating healthy unless i have dead animal on my plate twice a day. today may be a good day if i'm able to eat the tator tot hotdish tonight.

not much else to say today. gonna watch spaceballs & head home to the west end of the cities after dinner. hope it was a fabulous day & the easter bunny was good to you (or that at least there are no rotting hard boiled eggs in your yard).

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