Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patrick's day!

*even though a papal decree moved the official st. paddy's celebration to this past saturday i'm celebrating today, yeah, i'm a rebel like that*

i'd thought about taking a picture of myself wearing one of my st. patrick's day tshirts (one is white with green trim that says magically delicious the other is white with green trim has a pic of the lucky charms leprechaun and says someone's after me lucky charms). but, to be honest, once i got back to my apartment from my parents' house & unloaded my car i was ready for a nap.

maybe i'll take one later this week & post it. but if i don't: hope everyone had a fabulous day & got a chance to drink some green beer. have a bit for me too cause i'm off the beer. didn't really drink it before, but definitely not drinking it now.

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