Sunday, March 16, 2008

MY chair is here! uh, yeah, not so much

about a week before moving into my new place the fabulous miss jenn went furniture shopping with me (yeah, she IS an awesome friend, she dislikes shopping but went anyway). she helped me pick out a cool funky couch in sage green (the picture below is from the hom furniture website, so not my apartment & not my actual couch). it's actually two "cuddlers" (basically a fancy name for chair & a half) & an ottoman & they are curved & fit together to make a really comfy lounge piece.

in addition to the couch i also ordered a chair, a really fucking awesome chair. it's round with squishy pillows & it swivels. i also got the little ottoman for it called a "jelly bean" which is a fancy way of saying "i'm paying too damn much money for this itsy bitty footstool because it matches my chair & is wicked cool." now the picture is also from the hom website & not my actual chair. i ordered my chair in a purple color, i think it's technically called aubergine, but a really deep purply/plum color. it looks cool with the sage & really very ME.

because i ordered the chair in a color that is not normally stocked they said it'd take 8-10 weeks. yeah, a royal pain in the ass, but i wanted that color so figured i'll deal with it. my couch was in a stock color so i had that delivered the day after i moved into my apartment, so i had a couch to lounge on, i could wait on the chair. especially since my bedroom is GINORMOUS & i decided i'd put the chair in my bedroom as a reading chair. i got a call on thursday saying that my chair had arrived & i could arrange delivery. i wanted it as soon as possible, but sunday (today) was the earliest they could get it to me. so i scheduled the delivery for today.

i was so excited to get my chair, it's super comfy & i was finally going to be able to finish hanging up my pictures & feeling settled in my apartment. well, not quite yet. the guy pulled the ottoman off the truck & i was looking out my window & i right away said "oh no, we have a problem." the chair & the ottoman were red, brick red. yeah, not at all what i ordered or have been expecting for the past two months. i met the delivery guy at the door & told him we have a problem, i ordered purple. i think the delivery guys were less than pleased that they carried the chair off the truck & down to my place & then had to take it back up the hill & put it back in the truck. they did ask if i wanted to use that one until mine got here & i told them no, i don't NEED the chair & i'll just wait.

my room is still chairless & i'm looking at another month or two before my purple chair arrives. i called the store & talked to the sales lady that wrote up my order & told her that my chair showed up in brick instead of purple & that we had to get it corrected. i wasn't bitchy or mean, i was very matter of fact that i refused delivery because it was wrong. so she is getting it corrected, she's going to email the manufacturer & see if there is anyway possible to rush the order for me. it really sucks that my chair isn't here yet, but hopefully it'l be here before the end of april.


Josh said...

okay. so you knew I was going to read this entry. And I have a feeling you know my advice. This is not the way companies should treat people and you deserve compensation! seriously!!! You nailed it on the head when you said that you don't NEED the chair, you want it. If you "needed" the chair, I suspect you would have ordered it from someone who would have delivered it in < 2 months. Fuck those people!

If you would like my services, i.e. bitching/complaining/getting what is coming to you, you know where to find me! :)

Oh, and, it has been a while since I told you the "gotcha" that I had to type in(thats what those special words are called)

This one rocks!!


That sounds like a sweet word. I am expecting you to come up with it's definition!

Anonymous said...

*LOL* Josh is the best at bitching, I must agree. He used to call my credit card companies and get all my fees reversed, he's like a f*cking master at manipulating customer service "officials". Relentless. Brutal. I think it's his calling in life. :)

Pensive P