Wednesday, March 12, 2008

pictures & updates

first off i'd like to say: this is the 300th post to my blog! yippee! break out the suger-free gum & celebrate.

recently pensive pearl asked for some updated pictures. the first picture is me & my dad back in october when we were in connecticut for my sister's wedding. it's not a fabulous picture of either one of us, but it'll do. the second picture was taken last night after i got my hair cut. in the second picture i'm wearing my old glasses, not quite sure why i put them on yesterday, & my stylist always does my hair as if i'm living in the 80's, but it's as new as possible.

as for my weight, this morning i weighed in at 218.8. it's very surreal to me at this point. i still can't believe it, i don't really feel it, & i don't really see it when i look in the mirror. but other people are seeing it so i have to start believing it pretty soon.


Suburban Witch said...

we miss you. i'm a horrible person who's tired and i think i have the flu now, too and i just barely am able to get up in the morning to put my clothes on and i gag every time i brush my teeth and i need a new bra soon because the cups runneth over. gah. i love you chica. hugs

beckah said...

*huggles* i miss ya & love ya & know that you & your family have lots of stuff on your plate right now. we'll hang out soon. i'll come & visit. can't help you with the bra thing (i doubt my old bras would fit & i've already decided it'll be weird to give someone else my used bras). love ya much ~b

Anonymous said...

wow, I can see a big difference! I love that hoodie by the way.

pensive pearl

beckah said...

thanks much miss pearl :) ~b

Diary of an irish woman said...

I can see the difference B! especially in your face. Keep well chicca and we'll see you in Sunny California in June. You'll probably need a sign over your head as we wont recognize you!
Love Sinead Jan and wee Fionn

beckah said...

thanks hun :) i'll wear my black t with my name in pink glitter across my chest. ~b