Wednesday, May 21, 2008

getting into ALL kinds of trouble!

so i've decided i want to get my tits done. i'm sure a feminist reading my blog just spit coffee all over her computer. whoops. but i've decided to get them done. i know that outer beauty in no way effects inner beauty, but i have some very good reasons.

#1 i used to have DD's-i miss them terribly
#2 it really is MY body
#3 there's nothing wrong with body modification as long as you're doing it for the right reasons
#4 i already have a good self esteem. so for me bigger tits does not =being a more worthy human being
#5 i really miss my DD's

i have some friends who are more well endowed in the chest-al area (to quote my sister) who i'm sure will tell me i can have some of theirs. & believe me girls, i would if i could. but it's something i've thought long & hard about. i also know that i'm still looking at another 14 months or so before i can have ANY plastic surgery. but no time like the present to plan. so i've started a profile on & you'll see a new heading on the right "my quest for new boobs" & under that a link saying help fund my implants! if you click on that it'll direct you to the myfreeimplants website & after you log in it'll take you to my page. so hey boys, & girls, sponsor my new boobies :)

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