Friday, May 02, 2008

i have not fallen into a black hole

so yeah, i am totally fucking lame & haven't been on here in forever. & i don't really feel like doing extensive blogging now, i'll try to do more soon because i do miss it & i feel like i have a lot to say; but here's some updated pics. the first is me at work about 5-6 weeks ago. the second one is me at home tonight.


Diary of an irish woman said...

must have been a black hole. Half of u is gone! I see perky boobs too. Holy pogo stick. U look great goddess. How's everything else. Dont make me come kick u in arse to get writing again. I live for reading blogs being a Mum. It fits in to my one minute I an get a quick read in schedule.

beckah said...

ok, i am a super bad monkey that i'm only now responding to your comment. but yes, feel free to kick my ass! i need to blog more. & write more in general...though i have been working on one of my novels lately.

i'll do better, i promise. then again, if a lack of blogs will get you to bring yourself & your adorable wee one to MN it's a temping thought ;)