Saturday, June 28, 2008

it's bunnicula!

when i was in elementary school there was a series of books all about bunnicula. a bunny who was also a vampire. but he just drained the life from veggies leaving them white & lifeless, not actually draining blood from humans. now, i haven't thought of those books in a, well, probably good decade & a half at least. but, i saw something tonight that not only gave me the chills but made me think of that long ago series.

even though i just got my ratties a month ago i've been contemplating getting a chinchilla. i love dogs & cats, but my life right now is best conducive to an animal(s) that lives in a cage. when i was at petco picking up some stuff for my boys i saw a lil gray chinchilla curled up asleep in his cage & went to the net & started researching. so i've been looking on craig's list to see if i can find the right chinchilla for me in need of a home. which does bring us back to bunnicula.

i like looking at pics of animals so i opened a post titled "2 cute bunnies" & was confronted with pictures of a rabbit that scared the bejesus out of me. the post is for a bonded female/male(fixed) pair of rabbits. & i'm not necessarily a cujo believer. i don' really think animals are evil or have the capacity for evil, i think that's more a human trait. i will concede that a mistreated animal will become mean as a defense mechanism. but, the pictures that follow are making me shiver just a little. i know. the poor bunny is probably sweet as can be. but check out the second pic with the other bunny. looks pretty evil, eh?

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