Tuesday, July 15, 2008

beckah's boys

my boys & i have settled into a nice little routine. when i get home i take cassidy & sundance out of their cage so they can get their play time. leif & anthony still get their treats every morning when i wake up & every evening when i come home. all in all they are pretty spoiled little mammals. it's also really interesting how vastly different their personalities are from each other.

my ratties for instance. anthony LOVES his exercise wheel. he's in it most every night, sometimes in the morning when i wake up. he never gets going fast enough to spin himself all the way around like a hamster will do, but he goes at a decent clip for a rat. leif on the other hand i haven't seen in there once. he'll walk through it, & nap in their little cuddle cup next to it, but he won't run in it. & even though the giant rat ball is the exact same theory as an exercise wheel, anthony just won't use it when i put him in it. they also aren't much for being pulled out of their cage for cuddling. they like being pet while in their, they love their treats, but they don't really like cuddling. leif is also my little cage biter. it's a good thing their cage has metal bars because he loves to chew on the bars. it's a nerve grating sound, but as long as he's not hurting himself i'm not going to make a big deal out of it.

leif is also my little piglet. i'll give him a yogurt bite & he'll stuff it in his mouth & beg for another one. or he'll run it down to the bottom of the cage & then speed back up to the top to try to get a second one out of me. he's not so fond of the apple bites, but anthony loves them! they both love popcorn though, which is really neat. i bought them some treats that are mini corn on the cob ears & i can microwave them & the dried corn will pop off the cob. they love eating the little nibbles of popcorn (which are the cutest thing ever). they'll eat the dried corn off the cob, but they love the popcorn best. i'm considering hitting up rummage sales this summer to see if i can find an air popper & then i'll just buy some popping corn & make that for them, a lot cheaper than the dried mini cobs. they also really like strawberry frosted shredded mini wheats & life cereal, those are also infinitely cheaper than actual rat treats :)

sundance & cassidy are almost complete opposites. sundance is definitely my little outlaw! he has so much energy, i wish i had half of his energy! he's always the first to wake up & want to come out & play. he also has yet to run around until he's worn out. cassidy on the other hand i'm always having to wake up & coax out of the cage. he'll also be running around & then decide that it's nap time & just curl up in the middle of my kitchen floor. ok, maybe curl up is the wrong term. he'll just lay down & assume the ferret "speed bump" position.

i've been able to clip cassidy's nails but haven't had as much success with sundance. then again, i've been able to clip cassidy's because i catch him when he's still mostly asleep. this coming weekend i'm going to give them a bath for the first time. it will also be time to clean their ears for the first time. & ironically i think sundance is going to be the one that likes taking a bath. i have no clue on the ear cleaning. i was showering sunday morning & i was letting the boys run for a bit while i was getting ready, all of a sudden i looked down & sundance was in the shower playing in the water! crazy little fuzzy.

cassidy loves to sleep on his back showing his belly with his front paws straight in the air. i've nicknamed it the dead ferret pose. sometimes sundance will curl up with cassidy, or he'll lay on top of his brother & fall asleep across him. even though cassidy is the more mellow one occasionally i'll see him chasing sundance around the apartment or getting the best of his brother in a wrestling match. their absolute favorite place to play, for some reason, is my bathroom. but a close second is any place that they possible shouldn't be. the picture at the bottom is my absolute favorite, their butts sticking out of my boyfriend's boots. don't ask me why they would want to stick their noses all the way into shoes, but they do it. they love to do the same to my skate shoes & they were oddly obsessed with my brother's shoes when he was here. the same with steph's shoes when she popped by.

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