Thursday, July 24, 2008

pervy dirty boys

my apartment is pretty small, not like it's the cubboard under the stairs or anything, but cozy. i have a nice little livingroom, small kitchen, 3/4 bath, & my bedroom. ok, my bedroom is GINORMOUS, but i don't let the ferrets run in there. basically when i'm home & awake they get to run around the rest of the joint & play & get out all of their ferret energy. I have litter boxes through out my place so they don't have to look far for a bathroom. & i hope frantically that they'll use their box instead of a random patch of floor. ferrets are strong willed critters & will do what they please.

so when i take a shower, because i take super quick showers, as in only about ten minutes, i leave the bathroom door open & let the boys run. i have a litter box in the bathroom too for them, so i don't want to lock them out of a bathroom & wind up putting a clean foot in a ferret poopie. so i was taking a shower last week & all of a sudden i feel something on my foot, i look down & sundance is playing in the shower. which was surprising, but my response was "rock on, the ferret likes to play in water." well cassidy did the same thing the next day. & i knew i was going to bathe them this past sunday so i didn't mind at all. i figured if they like playing in water bathtime will be a breeze. so i wasn't about to kick them out of the shower if it was fun for them.

yeah, not so much. i went to bathe them on sunday & you would've thought i was trying to torture them. it was kind of like giving a cat a bath, for anyone who has had that particular pleasure. they aren't as big as cats, only being 2.9 lbs (sun) & 3.5 lbs (cass), but they still struggled. & they have sharpish little nails. but luckily they didn't bite. i gave sundance his bath first while cassidy napped in their cage. i tried to towel dry him & get him all fluffed up & he wasn't having any of it. basically i was barely able to get a smidgeon of the excess water off of him before sundance was out of my arms & running around my apartment rolling on the carpet & rubbing himself up against any piece of fabric he could find. since cassidy is my mellow cuddly boy i was sort of hoping that maybe things would be easier with him. not in the least. he threw the same kind of fit his brother did.
luckily ferrets only need to be bathed every 2-4 weeks just depending on what they get into & how clean you keep their cage. so it's not a really horrendous task, but it will take some effort. i also kind of figured after the bath incident they would be very wary of my shower & they'd stay out of it because they'd associate it with baths. nope. monday morning while i was showering for work they both trapsed in & out of the shower. cass & sun are totally pervy little boys. they won't let me bathe them without throwing a temper tantrum, but they'll run in & wrestle while i take my shower.
ferrets. go figure. *grins* but i do like being a ferret mom. they're good boys...according to the vet they are the most angelic ferrets she's ever met. they didn't struggle at all during their exam or getting their distemper & rabies shots! my boyfriend says the same thing, my ferrets are really well behaved. he actually wants me to bring my ferrets over to play with his. i'm afraid they'll pick up bad habbits. his roommate thinks they'll just learn how to be ferrets.

the rats are still doing well. they don't like to be picked up or cuddled. they're content to just chill in their cage & let me spoil them rotten with treats. they LOVE the strawberry mini wheats. well, let's face it, they love ANY kind of treats.

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