Saturday, August 16, 2008

intimate details part two: romance & the writer

so i've got a boyfriend. i've mentioned him in bits & pieces here on my blog. & i may as well flesh out the details for those of you that i haven't been able to tell in person, via text IM or email. now, because of who he is i'm not going to go into a lot of details, i'm not even going to mention him by first name on here, just as E.

so i met E on okcupid back in late april, we chatted for a day or so, then started texting (which wound up resulting in well over 200 texts in less than a week!). we had our first date on may 1st & then had a total of five dates over just seven days. basically we met & became nearly inseparable (my blog so my telling of the story, if he disagrees with any of this maybe we'll see a comment *grins* but i am telling the truth). so it's going on about three & a half months now that we've been dating.

he's two years older than me & about a foot taller. he's really smart, sweet, funny, talented, cute as hell, & all around a good egg. he challenges me on basically EVERYTHING & won't let me get away with any bullshit. which is awesome & infuriating because i'm used to being the one that challenges people, i'm not used to being challenged myself. he's also super sweet & loving.

he's met my family & is still dating me after doing so. my parents like him. today when matt stopped by my apartment to visit he even asked how E was doing! which had me gobsmacked & nearly speechless. matt must like him & approve, although he hasn't said anything to me about it. rachee hasn't met him because she was in milwaukee for my birthday when he met the fam at my apartment for my birthday dinner. my parents actually took us out to dinner friday night, the night before they went up north.

E is a really talented artist. he's a painter & comic book artist. he also does some freelance work on the side. it's because of all this that i'm not mentioning him by name. don't try looking for a link to his work in my "links of interest" because i'm not putting one there. he likes to keep his private life very separate from his public life, which i understand & respect. he is kind of a big deal. which is really awesome for him.

i haven't really felt any impact from his work except for his being unavailable at times due to it. the summer is his busy season & i started dating him right as his work really kicked into high gear. i support him in this because i know it's important that he work & the more work he does the more exposure he gets so that he'll be able to do just his art & give up teaching. although, i think he sort of likes teaching & probably would keep doing it....but he'll be able to demand more money once he gets super uber well known. things will settle down for him over the fall & winter, then start picking up again in the spring. interestingly enough, it's the EXACT opposite of how health insurance works. but my hours are pretty set, unlike his.

have i mentioned he's also super sweet? he looks out for me. when we were at dinner with my parents he encouraged me to eat more chicken because he knows that i need to make sure to eat enough protein. when we go out he holds my hand, or puts his arm around me while we're walking. he's also really supportive with my novel. when i've been a bit down/doubting if i can do this he simply tells me "you can do it." no cajoling or codling, just a statement. he knows that i write poetry & for my birthday he gave me a book of poetry by federico garcia lorca, with both the spanish & english versions of the poems. one day about a month ago in one of his classes he was demonstrating painting portraits & he did a portrait of the same poet. & he gave it to me instead of selling it. not for any reason, it wasn't my birthday, a holiday, or anniversary. he gave it to me just because he thought i'd like it. & i absolutely adore it!

to sum up: beckah's pretty dang twitterpatted.

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