Saturday, August 16, 2008

mid august: what's beckah been up to?

it's been a few weeks since i've blogged, so here's the quick & dirty recap of my life (with intimate details to follow...well, some intimate details *grins*)
~been working....but not doing too much over 40 hrs/wk at the FT job- go me!
~put leif & anthony in a new cage (new to them, i actually had it when i had my other rattie, johnny the rat) that they CANNOT stick their heads out of!
~working on my novel (before & after work)
~have a plan set to finish thesis & graduate
~met with my advisor deborah & going to meet with my second reader, larry, in september
~saw my parents off to the north shore for their anniversary vacation
~spending time with my boyfriend when i can
~all around being a rockin' cool chick
~corralling naughty ferrets (i swear, i'm set for toddlers now)

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