Monday, September 01, 2008

a ferret blog?

E was over the other day & doing some stuff on my comp. he checked my blog & said "baby, your blog is all about ferrets!" i wanted to argue that it wasn't true, but i kind of thought about it & realized that he was right. i do blog about my "kids" quite a bit. but they're a big part of my life right now. they keep me busy & they are just so damn cute, how can i not take pics of them & blog about them?

a few weeks ago i was talking to my friend sinead & i said something about blogging/talking about my ferrets so much (this was before i got podo & doodle, & possibly even before i got nyddah). & she said it only makes sense that i would talk about them so much because they're an important part of my life. she was also saying that her blogging topics/habits changed when she had her son, fionn, because her life had changed.

my life is composed of seven main things: family, E, friends, work, my "kids" (the ratties & the ferrets), my food issues, & writing. while my family is very important to me i don't always mention them on my blog & rarely put their pictures up because i don't want to invade their privacy by putting them on here. because of his work E remains only E on here, although there may be more stories to come, we'll see. i also try to respect my friends' privacy. the friends that have blogs i will link on here, & of course i mention other ones like steph & jenn, both of whom are aware of their blog-famy. work is, well, work, who wants to read about it? i get money from it, occasionally some funny stories, but mainly it just takes up 40 hours of my life every week, 56 on the weeks i work at the group home. while i've been working on my thesis & my writing, i don't necessarily put it on here because i'm not at the point where i'm ready to just put all my writing on my blog, so i don't want to talk about it too much without putting anything up...that's just not fair to my readers.

this leaves the kids & my food issues. now that i've come out of the pantry about my food issues (yes, you all can laugh, that was funny & macabre at the same time).... so now that i'm out of the pantry i'll be writing about that more often. & i put up lots of stuff about my kids. i actually have quite a few pics of the kids that i want to get up here. today was bath day for the five of them.....which deserves a blog of its own to cover the pics & the full story. there is also the totally random stuff in my life that will also make its way onto my blog (like the state fair adventure i had with steph yesterday, that blog will be written & posted fairly soon too....also with pictures. although, not all the pictures that could have been...more on that too).

i will say that i handle the ferret stories with the same humor & irreverent attitude that i show to the rest of life in general (even if that is slightly egotistical of me...but anyone who knows me or has read even a smidgen of this blog knows i'm semi egotistical in a completely charming & endearing way), so hopefully it's amusing, even to those who aren't as into the little carpet sharks as myself. but, hopefully i'm getting some new ferret fans out there. they are just too damn cute & so full of personality.


Anonymous said...

Well, you definately have two new ferret fans out here. ;)
-Chad and Josey.

beckah said...

thanks much, i'm always glad for more readers....& my kids love the infamy ;)