Saturday, March 07, 2009

movie time

this link is a really cute twist on the movie the watchmen. if you haven't seen the movie yet i suggest you do so. very soon. it was fabulous! i've seen the movie twice & plan on seeing it again in the theater, i think. & if i don't see it in the theater again i will definitely buy it on dvd as soon as it comes out. i haven't read the book, although i am currently in the middle of reading (see the action shot below). so far the book is really great & if it continues being so, which i'm guessing it will, i recommend both the book & the movie!


PensivePearl said...

I saw this movie and thought it was hilarious. Other people weren't laughing though. heh. Perhaps I am morbid?

beckah said...

i laughed quite a bit....perhaps even a snort laugh or two :) if you're morbid then so i am.